Eli Sherer

Software Architect / Developer



Rockbox is a free replacement firmware for digital music players. It runs on a wide range of players


My involvement in this project was making a few applications for the operating system:

RockBlox – Tetris Clone (http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/PluginRockblox, and the Source code)

Xobox – Qix Clone (http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/PluginXobox, and the Source code)

RockPaint – Microsoft’s Paint clone (http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/PluginRockpaint ,and the Source code)

I made these apps from scratch and other coders made them what they are today…

I also written a viewer for GIF files but I quickly left it (http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/task/3037)