Eli Sherer

Software Architect / Developer

Android Applications

GamingCast (Java & JavaScript)

The first mobile gaming console using ChromeCast!
Play retro games on your TV screen with your mobile device as the controller.

Developed the Android and the HTML5/JS games from scratch.
Design by: Yaron Burger

Price: 1.5 USD / 1 EUR / 5 ILS


Social Gaming – משחקי חברה (Java)

Keep score of your social fun activities with your friends.

Social gaming is an application to help
with your social fun activities with your friends.
You can keep score among the players.
Use dice or a coin to make decisions.

Have fun!

Price:   FREE
Join the facebook page (Hebrew)


Kid Icarus AR Database (Java)

This application make it easy to have all your Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards at your hands. Makes it super-easy to scan them with your 3DS and accumulate a lot of hearts in the game.

The application uses the database stored at http://ar.essh.co/kid-icarus

Price:   FREE

This application is not affiliated with or funded by Nintendo.
It was removed from Google Play on August 2013.