Eli Sherer

Software Architect / Developer


WebGL project (At the Technion, Haifa) rendering a 3D map out of xml and json information taken from a server.
Based on data from CGIAR & OpenStreetMap.


using JQuery, THREE.js, JSTS and some private libraries.

Link (Needs a WebGL enabled browser like Chrome or Firefox)



A javascript HTML5 element to be used on pages when a timeline needs to

be visualized. Using a a starting value and COV (change of value) events.



Pokedex 3D Pro (of the Nintendo 3DS application) AR Generator

A canvas element that draws an AR marker for a specified pokemon number from the 3DS Pokemon 3D Pro Application.



7-Segment HTML5 Element (jsg7.js)

A JavaScript visualization library to create 7-Segment digits with customization support.